Hi my name is Estée and I have a thinking problem

I just can’t seem to get my head to shut up, so I’ve decided to put my thoughts out there in the universe so they can live out their days and stop bothering me.

I’m also a journalist with a love for reading, writing, filming, talking and water. I like lengthy debates and rollercoasters, but most of all pandas, hugs and pugs.

All of this is irrelevant, I know. What is relevant is that we’re meeting at the place you’re most likely to engage with stranger, pedophiles or aliens, namely: the Interwebs. So lets talk.

The point of this blog is to try to make sense of this world through words and images. I often find things very confusing and weird, until I write something about them. Then they make sense in 300 words or so.

Feel free to join the conversation and let me know what you think.

One, two, three block myself!

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