Just a spoonful of magic (or music)

For some, moving is a chance at a fresh start. For others, it signals time for a meltdown. When I had to move last month, I found myself in the latter category. A strange magical woman however helped me to conquer my moving melancholy, you may know her as Mary Poppins.

“Just a spoonful of sugar” she sings. Then, note how she cleans the children’s room using magic. That’s cheating Mary. Her point was quite valid though, if you turn a lame chore into a game you’ll enjoy it more and get it done quicker. Real life magic like music was the cure I needed for the moving blues (for real-real, not for play-play).

Here are some of the magical ladies that helped me out of my rut and who might do the same for you:


The 17-year-old singer Ella Yelich-O’Connor‘s songs filled with teen angst, teeth and royalty are super catchy. It’s scary how relatable her lyrics are. Her debut album Pure Heroin is pretty much flawless.

Check out these songs:


Yeah Ella is so cool she doesn’t even need to sing this song in this video. Purple lips, don’t care. “It’s a new art form showing people how little we care.”



Listen to the whole Pure Heroin

Iggy Azalea

Hate her or love her, Amethyst Amelia Kelly has some serious sass and an amazing ass (twerking obviously pays off). Her Clueless inspired video for Fancy is kind of brilliant. The woman is a bit of a weird one, like she says: “got the whole world asking how I does that”.

The Australian rapper’s debut album The New Classic has some real gems on it, you know, if you’re into that kind of thang.


Favourite lyrics include: “You knew I was high class ass when you met me” (from 100 ft. WatchtheDuck); “Fuck love, give me diamonds” (from Fuck Love); “Don’t try me you know I will, throw this brick through your windshield.”  (from 100 also) and “you’re well done and bitch I’m rare,” (from New Chick).

Listen to the whole The New Classic


Canadian singer Claire Elise Boucher injects a sense of nowness into her music. It’s refreshing and so well displayed in her music videos. Check these two out:


Grimes has released a new song, listen to it.


Also check out her Tumblr if you need to feel some good vibes.


British songwriter, activist, artist and director Mathangi  Arulpragasam is one inspiring women. She uses her fame to fight against oppression and pushes the boundaries of any genre you’d want to squeeze her into.

The music video for Bad Girls is just mind blowing:




Also check this out and follow her on Twitter:


Okay okay I’m not really the biggest fan of Queen Bey, more of a Kelly kind of girl. Got mad respect for her Yonce alter ego though. Her lyrics are very sexually aggressive, but what’s wrong with a grown ass woman saying she loves having sex (all over the place and as often as possible) with her husband? Not a single thing.

Both of Drunk in Love and Partition have a kind of hypnotic kinky vibe to them, check it out:


Love that move she does with the hopping. Also SURFBOARD.


But I still love Destiny’s Child more


I made a mixie with some more magical gurls if you need a pick-me-upper:

Let me know what you think 🙂 Anyone you’d add to the list? Speak to me.

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