Love for them Badasses

Why do we love them psychos? From Hannibal Lecter to Walter White, the crazies seem to be able to keep our attention. Here are some character so bad, you’ll never get enough.

1. Walter White, Bryan Cranston, in Breaking Bad


The much-hyped about series showing the decline of science teacher Walter White into meth dealing drug lord Heisenberg was at times difficult to watch, but almost impossible to ignore.

Walter, mr. WW, is diagnosed with cancer. He has the good intentions of saving money for his family and that gets him into the drug business. He doesn’t die though and that’s where shit gets whack.

As he is the protagonist, it’s difficult to hate him all of the time. Breaking Bad illustrates that nobody is ever purely good or evil, it’s all about the choices we make. Walter, unfortunately for Walter and the White family, chose an empire.

Most badass moment: When Walter finally drops his mask in front of his wife Skylar to let her know that he is in fact THE danger.

“I am not in danger Skylar, I am the danger. A guy opens his door and gets shot, you think that of me? No, I am the one who knocks.”

You can see the “I am the one who knocks” clip here:

 Brian Cranston is in the new Godzilla movie (wtf?). Although it’s seriously missing some sweet Matthew Broderick, it looks interesting. Watch the Godzilla 2014 trailer here. 

2. Magneto, Sir Ian McKellen in the X-Men movie series (except for First Class, we’ll get to that)


The X-Men films set Magneto, Erik M. Lehnsherr, up as a holocaust survivor who wants to prevent the same fate for the mutants. He gets radical in his stance and kind of tries to win the war against humans by killing them all. Like Brain from Pinky and the Brain he wants world domination, but this time for so-called homo superior. All while looking amazing.

Fiasco, December 2012, Issue 22, Front Cover

I’m pretty openly in love with Sir Ian McKellen aka the handsomest man alive, so please pardon my bias. Magneto is a badass though. Unlike Sir Ian who just steals hearts, Magneto can manipulate metal and play chess for hours.

Most badass moment: When Mystique takes a power draining bullet for Magneto and he just abandons her saying: “You use to be so beautiful”. Burn.

Also: When he traveled back in time in the X-Men (movies) universe to discover he is Michael Fassbender when he was younger and they made sweet, sweet love. Also that time he traveled to middle earth and did that ridiculously cute Good Morning thing with Bilbo (adorable!).

The next movie in the X-Men Series, X-Men Days of Future past is set for release in SA on 23 May (counting down the days!) watch the trailer and visit the website here.

3. Adam, Adam Driver in Girls


Yes, yes I know. Adam Sackler really isn’t such a bad guy. He’s not exactly a villain, but let’s not forget season one Adam. Or raper Adam . Yet we still love him (with the exception of Hannah’s mom, who might just be onto something).


We forget about his strange bedroom perversions and insults when we think of that time he made that sweet apologetic gesture.


All the “I’m sorrys” in the world could however not get the man off the hook for what he did to Natalie. He emotionally abused her and embarrassed her after she tried to tell him what she likes and dislikes.


Hannah would definitely be a tough one to be around, but the way Adam blamed his nerves at his broadway debut on her was just another indication that the boy is bad news. In the words of The Atlantic crew: Adam’s unmistakably a bad guy.”

Most badass moment: When Hannah told him she gained a lot of weight in High School and he says You’re not that fat anymore.”

Season 4 of Girls is being shot and Taylor Swift might make an appearance (wtf?). It looks like Adam and Hannah are still tight, we’re still hoping it goes the way Hannah’s mom wants it to go.

4. Frank Underwood, Kevin Spacey in House of Cards

Kevin Spacey é Frank Underwood em 'House of Cards', da Netflix (Divulgação - Netflix)

The character of Frank Underwood will send chills down your spine. He is quite despicable and almost evil, yet he is such a clever fox that you can’t help but admire his strategy.

He is a man determined to get what he wants, and it’s interesting to watch him crush anyone that stands in his way. He is a character full of surprises, like the time he and his wife seduced his bodyguard (did not see that coming).


If anything, his tale is a cautionary one to stay away from politicians. Kevin Spacey does such an amazing job turning into Frank. I’m sure he has lost a lot of fans for it.

Most badass moment: When Frank walks the talk and actually murders someone. Not just anyone, but poor Zoe who he manipulated and used all through the first season. Ag shame.

Here’s a video with a bit of added dumb-ways-to-dieness:

House of Cards will apparently return for a third season, where we get to see Frank as the President Of America.

Don Draper, Jon Hamm in Mad Men


Womaniser, alcoholic, creative. What’s not to love about the smooth talking Don Draper? His confidence, intellect and arrogance are all part of his charm, but if you had to deal with the man in real life, he would surely screw you over (especially if you were married to him).

He excels at his job yet fails at every relationship he builds up. True he has had a rough past and he is not all bad, but the man is surely more sly than trustworthy. He is definitely the kind of guy moms warn their daughters against (‘n gladde kerel soos my ma sou sê).

Most badass moment: When his daughter walks in on Don and their neighbour having sex and he tells he he was just comforting the woman. Nice one Don.

Almost made the list

Jaime Lannister, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in Game of Thrones (TV Series)

Last season Jaime lost his hand and could no longer be the sword wielding know-it-all douche bag Jaime we had come to despise. He redeemed himself by saving his new bestie from a bear, but from the last episode its clear he is a bad guy. Just rotten. But who could hate that face? Me for one, you?

Did I forget someone? Let me know if there is someone you think would have been better on this list? If I wanted to make a list of badass females we love to hate, who would you put on it?




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