Five Lessons From Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is so much like the Blue Meth that features so prominently in the show. It’s bad for you, but you’ll get hooked and won’t be able to live without it. The show is visually very appealing, but it’s always just going one way, and that’s down, down, down. Sometimes it’s difficult to watch (or to watch it without yelling at the screen). Here are five lesson I’ve learnt (so far) from watching the show:


1. You’re not going to die

The painful truth is that you’re not going to die of that life threatening illness you’ve been using as an excuse to be a crazy person. You’re going to have to live with your terrible choices, and that is worse than death, especially in Walter White’s case.

2. Don’t freakin want an Empire!

Hello! You don’t need an empire guy! Don’t try to freakin grab the whole arm off when you’ve got such a sweet deal with just the pinky! Gosh.


3. Don’t ever harm kids

Karma will get you. Look what happened to Anakin after he killed those tiny Jedis. You’re going to get it one way or another for harming a little person in a TV show or movie. Audiences and Jessies will never recover.

images (2)

Didn’t work for Anie either

4. Don’t tell your spouse about any of your illegal activities

Unless you have yourself a badass Bonnie, don’t try the honesty route with your partner. They will crack and hate you. Either be honest from the beginning, or stick to your lies forever and be a little smarter about it.


5. Try flies

If it seems like your enemy can dodge any curveball you hurl at them, don’t forget that even though they might be insanely clever, they might also have an issue with flies. Walter seems a little crazy when it comes to the tiny insects. If he is a ticking time-bomb, like Mike says, then maybe it will be a fly that breaks the camel’s back. We can only watch and find out.

Here’s a pretty good recap of the entire series in case you don’t know what this whole post is going on about:

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