Seaside contemplations

A semi-old man once told my mom, and she habitually tells me, that maintenance is the key to life.

Now take that sentence and replace ‘key’ with ‘bitch’, cause that ain’t as easy as it sounds.

Maintenance, like balance, is a never-ending struggle. This post will unfortunately not tell you how to achieve it, but it will make you feel less alone (you’re not alone, promise)

The ocean is pretty good with maintenance. It keeps rushing to the shore come rain or shine. It’s kind of trapped in a flow of maintenance.

That made me think of lyrics from a Modest Mouse song:
“When it occurred to me that the animals are swimming
Around in the water in the oceans in our bodies and
Another had been found another ocean on the planet
Given that our blood is just like the atlantic.” Which made me think of our bodies. They’re pretty good with maintenance too. You’re heart never just gets lazy or doesn’t feel like pumping your blood all over your body. So where does the mind get off procrastinating on everything? If anything, it should be working harder to be cool like the rest of the body and the ocean.

The ocean

β€œ…a dark
Illimitable ocean, without bound,
Without dimension; where length, breadth, and height,
And time, and place are lost;” – John Milton

Rainy days, yes I did photoshop this bad boy

Cape Town is not the most windy Windy City, it's apparently PE

A tree shaped by the wind in Sea Point

Tourists pose with kelp on the beach, man you've got to love Cape Town.

Tourists pose with kelp on the beach, man you’ve got to love Cape Town.

I might not have a very direct point to make, but here’s a mixie for the next time you think of the ocean or get to stare at it:


4 thoughts on “Seaside contemplations

    1. Haha I also feel like training my brain πŸ˜€ It can kind of be like a spoiled child sometime and just refuse to listen to me though.. How are you doing girl? You should come visit me & the sea πŸ™‚

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