Why Twitter Sucks

A little bird told me Twitter is feeling left out since I haven’t been saying mean things about it like I once did with Facebook. Please allow me to rectify that.

Like Facebook, some of Twitter’s best assets are also its worse. Like that anyone can use it

When Voltaire said: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”, I doubt he could ever have imagined a micro blogging site like Twitter.

When did people start thinking that others care about what they’re doing? Twitter adds fuel to the flames of the internet’s self-importance movement. This is where everyone thinks everyone else should care about what they’re saying (the irony of writing this on a blog does not escape me).

Everyone is entitled to their opinion but what if that opinion is uninformed? Should it be treated equally to informed opinions? The real world distinguishes between the two, Twitter does not.

The internet also sometimes brings out the hater in people. When Oscar Pistorius was in court for his bail hearing, every Twitter user was suddenly a legal expert, sperting away because Twitter gave the space to do so, and it’s not like 140 characters affords you to say anything with context.

Why 140 characters anyway?

Why 140 characters on Twitter

That’s my conclusion

Despite all of this, I’m still on Twitter and I’ll probably even tweet this post. The one great thing about Twitter is it makes people who are usually inaccessible easy to get in contact with. You can tweet your favourite celebrity, politician or even God if you wanted to. You can hear what they had for lunch and what they think of the colour purple.

Let me know what you think tweeps 🙂


What Twitter was made for.


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