Making music mixes

Back in the day you knew you liked someone when you were compiling them a mix tape, because it was a mission. Only the best songs could get picked. I even remember waiting for the radio DJ to shut up so I could start taping stuff off the radio. Ah the humble beginnings of piracy.

Now the interwebs makes it easy to listen to any kind of mix or even to make your own. Websites like, Jango and Grooveshark give you access to a whole bunch of new tunes from people who like similar things.

I’ve been making mix CD’s for my favourite people for years. When I decided 2013 will be the year to finally hit AfrikaBurn, mixies was the one thing that came to mind to give to others. Giving someone some of your favourite songs is like giving them a bit of your life. Like telling them a story about you by using words and tunes that have moved you.

I plan on making at least 20 mix CD’s for the festival. I’m a bit stuck on getting enough themes so if you have any suggestions please let me know (otherwise who knows what I’ll come up with). Since I’ve got my head in the movies I’ve made the first mix a compilation of soundtrack favourites. I made it using 8tracks, an amazing mix website that allows you to make mixies and to listen to an endless list of awesome mixes (thanks for telling me about it Christine).

Have a listen if you like and let me know what you think:)

I’m taking a 10 hour road trip on Wednesday so expect more road trip music coming your way.


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