Am I lazy, useless or just un-inspired?

You wouldn’t call a tiger a lazy motherfucker for just lying in the sun the whole day , would you? What if that tiger had the face of Samuel L. Jackson? (sorry that’s completely random, I just can’t use the word “motherfucker” without seeing Samuel’s face.)

A tiger with the face of Samuel L. Jackson (Jiger)

Samuel T Tiger

If I had to lie around all day and hunt, mate and eat when it suited me, I’m sure at least one person would call me lazy. Sure I’m not as fierce, fuzzy or good at tearing raw flesh from a corpse as a tiger, but do I deserve less freedom for it?

By freedom I mean time to do what is fun doing. After finishing school and sobering up from your studies (if you chose that route), you were probably expected to start a career and pay bills and take out loans so you’ll have more bills. That forces you to get a job. The term “dream job” is an oxymoron for who sleeps and dreams about working?

Finding something that I like doing and something I’m good at has been the bane of my existence (think Dark Knight Rising Bane). There’s a cliché that goes If you like what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. That sounds great, but who is going to employ me to drink cocktails and write nonsense all day?

What I found at the end of my long hall of journalism studies was a brick wall of disillusionment. I found the workplace to be no place for idealism and all those ethics I had to study. I found readers more interested in murder and celebrities than the things that matter.

Dealing with that hasn’t been much fun. Hopefully I’ll find a job at the end of my internship that isn’t another internship. Keeping fingers crossed.


I’d like to welcome the new followers and say hi 🙂 so Welcome, and hi 🙂 Please feel free to comment and stuff so I can get to know you 🙂

And then I’d like to give a big panda high-five to Elzette, Kobie, Christine and Terina:) Thanx for the love guys.

Panda High five

Ek waardeer julle baie baie 🙂


4 thoughts on “Am I lazy, useless or just un-inspired?

  1. hey es, jys awesome, ek love dit om jou blog te lees, hehe ek word betaal om kak te praat met kids oor kuns en om jou amazing blog te lees die hele dag lank 😉

  2. Hey homes, lag so lekker vir al die ‘analogies’ waarmee jy opkom. Ek word betaal om heeldag prentjies te teken…Dink mens moet daai balans vind in die lewe tussen waarvan jy hou en wat jou inspire en en hoe mens ‘n beroep daaruit kan maak. Het rondomly ‘n baie lang gesprek met die apteker gehad vandag. Hy wou argitektuur gaan swot het, maar beland toe in farmakologie. Hy koop nou huise, maak hulle mooi en verkoop hulle weer. Hy’t sy balans gevind tussen doen wat jou deur die maand kan kry en doen wat jy love in elke spaar oomblik. Ek verstaan wel dat mens happy in jou werks omgewing wil wees, dit sal ek ALTYD bo geld verkies. Kan net nie met crappy mense werk nie…dit was die ding wat my na 4 jaar van sport heeltemal totaal en al afgesit het. Jy sal jou happy place vind…al is dit net Ster-Kinekor vir nou 😉 Lief jou homes!

      1. Haha thanks homie 🙂 Ek sou probably geweet het dit jy even as jy nie so gesê het nie 🙂 Baie dankie vir jou en die Kobster, julle maak dit alles worth while 🙂 Hehe ek dink gaan probably nog vir ‘n baie lang tyd sukkel, maar ten minste het ek cool buddies en ‘n moaning platform, so dit gaan fun wees om uit te figure hoe ek ‘n werk kan kry waarvan ek hou… ❤ julle!

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