Too much sunshine will drive you insane

If there is one almost-end-of-the-year resolution we should all adopt, its to stop complaining. At least till 2013 anyway. (Yes the irony of complaining about complaining has not escaped me.)

The idea is to see the positive in everything.

For example, if your car breaks down it’s a good thing. Not only do you get to walk to your destination but you also save petrol and the planet.

If your printer is broken it gives you the opportunity to make chitchat at an internet cafe.

If the world ends, good riddance.

This could possibly drive you insane, which would put you in great company.

Are people wired to be negative or is it nurture and not natures fault?

Take the weather for instance. You’ll hardly ever find someone saying how pleasant the weather is (or is that just in the Free State?).

People often also get off on criticising everything they lay their eyes on. It somehow makes us feel clever and super cool to say how silly something was and how they could have done it better.

It’s the same with judgement. Often we’ll judge because we are actually tiny insecure jelly fish swimming in a sea of self loathing, but by thinking that that other person is so stupid or immoral or silly for doing their own thing we start seeing our self as a shiny shark. We like to create this space between our self and others by judging them and therefore making ourselves feel better about being so tiny and insignificant.

That Afrikaans saying of first removing the log from your own eye before worrying about the splinter in your brother’s eye couldn’t be more appropriate.

So just for the remained of December, take my hand and let’s sing Kumbaja and turn the sunshine dial up on everything. Let’s be like the Power Rangers and get our cars together to form one giant Positive Possum robot that will destroy all the negative vibes out there.

Cat Power sings that people should stop bitching and moaning while some people ain’t got stuff to eat. Give it a listen and look out for the review of her album Sun coming up soon.


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