The “I don’t care” club

Eager to find out what has happened around the world over the weekend, I made the mistake of logging onto the interwebs this morning.

What I’ve learned since: Amy Winehouse is dead; Julius Malema has a secret trust fund (big surprise there); a blue-eyed blonde man killed 92 people in Norway on Friday; Johann Rupert still opposes fracking in the Karoo and again Amy Winehouse has joined a list of singers much more famous than herself, who also happened to die at the age of 27.

This has left me with one confuzzeling question: Who the hell is Amy Winehouse?

Her name conjures up some vague pop song about going to rehab that I remember trying to avoid a couple of years back. Besides that (and possibly an image of a very tattood drunken woman with dark hair) I don’t seem to have any other associations with this woman named “this generation’s Janis Joplin”.

It’s events like this one (and both of the royal weddings this year) that make me reconsider my career choice. If the media is suppose to tell me more about the world around me, and this is the kind of stuff they choose to highlight then maybe I’d like to put some blinkers on.


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