When bored, think of the apocolypse..

Due to too much coffee and procrastination I have decided to resign myself to thinking about the end..of everything.

In all likelihood none of us will witness the end of the world. We might party like its going to be the end on the 21st of  December next year and subsequently perish individually, but its unlikely that the earth or, as doomsday movies would have you believe, America will come to an end. If we do however indulge in the though, what do you think would be the best way for everyone to die? My vote goes to:


Imagine the recent tsunami in Japan. Now, instead of water, imagine a wave of ants. If you can’t this should help:

Yeah a wave of ants isn’t really deadly, but what if every single one of those billions of ants exploded into vanilla ice-cream? Imagine the chaos, imagine the destruction, imagine the sweet goodness..

This idea was actually inspired by the millions of ants in my room. They are everywhere. The insist on drowning in my kettle, any left over liquid and, of course, honey. Them dying in the sweetest thing they could find is kind of sad and ironic. I’m envious though. Drowning in a sea of what I love the most would be awesome. Granted dying is probably pretty terrible (system failure is never fun), but its going to happen sooner or later. I’d gulp up the ice-cream from the ant tsunami and never complain about a thing again.

Youtube tells me that some Christians believe Jesus is coming on the 21st of May 2011. Others think it will be in 2013. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but humanity seems to have gone bat-shit crazy. A big part of the human population seem to be obsessed with the earths demise. I’m not sure why, but its silly. Have an exploding ant, weirdos.


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