Strange observations from a different time

In a parallel universe I have created my “Are you an arrogant asshole” test; we’ve all passed it with flying colours and have become cast outs of society. Living on a small island we are obsessed with ourselves and eat rice every day until we eventually rid the world of our arrogance by killing one another.

Luckily for us, I have not released this test into our universe and the day is saved thanks to deadlines.

Meanwhile, I have, as the title of this blog suggests, made some strange observations.

Ants you see, ants. I have an unintended army of them in my kitchen. An intended army of ants would have been awesome but alas these ants are unwanted. What I have observed is that these tiny creatures are clever enough to play dead. When I switch my room light on they have a way of freezing and curling up to look like their dead ants (dants). When I stare at them in amazement for long enough they get back up and continue along their merry little line across everything I own.

Another observation recently made is that doodles are the actual window into the soul and not the eyes like most people would have you think. Take for example this doodle made about a year ago:

2010 Whatsadoodle



By no means a professional doodle, this 2010 ‘Whatsadoodle’ is pretty plain, childish big and bold. It looks like something you should eat or befriends. In contrast to the Whatsadoodle we have the 2011 Whatthefuckisthat?

Whatthefuckisthat 2011

This doodle is clearly more toned down, boring and predictable. The clouds have a tinge of brown to them and the whole doodle reeks of predictability. But what does it mean?

The most obvious conclusion is that I am indeed going insane. Or even worst, becoming completely normal.

I’ll let you be the judge.


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