Job interviews suck

I recently went for a job interview. Upon hearing that I didn’t get the job I began tearing my interviewers to shreds, in my head.

They actually asked me what my best and worst qualities are.

After reading this cartoon you’ll understand why I smiled and thought they were joking.

That’s what she said

They also seriously asked me what my hobbies are. Now, I do admit I’m a little crazy but I can’t be the only person who associates hobbies with retired or unemployed people who have time to spend on their knitting or ice-sculpturing skills?

To make matters worse, I saw a very friendly lady in the lobby afterwards who asked me how the interview went. I told her it went alright, because that’s what I thought, and she said that she’s sure it went well.

“They hire almost everyone who comes for an interview, unless you’re like a complete arrogant asshole  or something,” she said.

So this got me thinking, maybe I am an arrogant asshole. Not only did I refer to myself as such in my last blog but I’m also blogging and assuming that my experiences and words are so profound that they deserve to be out there.

My dictionary defines arrogance as “the behaviour of a person when they feel that they are more important that other people, so they are rude to them or do not consider them”.

I can’t relate to that definition. I don’t think I’m more important than other people.

I have however noticed that I sometimes don’t argue with some people when they say something silly because I feel that it would be a waste of time. I just smile and change the subject. Surely that makes me an arrogant asshole in some way.

To be sure I think there should be an “arrogant asshole test” where answering a series of questions can show you whether you’re arrogant or not.

If I haven’t found one by next week, I’ll have to create one.

So what was initially suppose to be harmless venting to shake off the feeling of rejection has now turned into a personal mission.

Turns out they didn’t want to hire me because I’m moving in 2012. Guess I didn’t want to work for stupid people anyway*


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